A central goal of OMBI is to train scientists in the myriad methods relevant to microbiome research. There are several opportunities to obtain this training.

  • OMBI-hosted workshops

OMBI periodically hosts training workshops, which are short crash-courses that teach specific concepts or techniques. For example, in May 2017, OMBI led a workshop in bioinformatic methods relevant to 16S sequence data at Oregon State University. Over 40 scientists from across the Pacific Northwest region participated, including students, postdocs, and faculty. OMBI expects to host a related workshop in spring of 2019.

  • Summer Internships

OMBI faculty periodically host interns during the summer session at OSU. For example, four undergraduate students from joined OMBI investigators in the Department of Statistics during the Summer of 2017 as part of a 1-year Research Experience for Undergraduates funded by the American Statistical Association. These students learned various statistical techniques for analyzing microbiome data alongside the biological concepts needed to interpret these data. Please inquire with the site administrator regarding similar opportunities in the future.

  • Joining or Visiting an OMBI lab

OMBI investigators rely on undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdocs and visiting scientists, to accomplish their research objectives. If you have an interest in joining an OMBI lab to learn more about microbiome research, please contact specific OMBI investigators of interest.

  • Microbiome-relevant classes taught by OMBI faculty

OMBI faculty offer a variety of classes at OSU, both on-campus and online, that are relevant to microbiome research. A full list of such courses is currently in development.