On May 12, microbiome scientists will gather at Oregon State University to discuss the state and future of this exciting research field. This event will include presentations from international experts in microbiome science as well as broad discussions among all participants. It will be followed by a catered reception at The Arts Center in Corvallis, which will be hosting microbiome-inspired art.

Space for this event is limited. You can register for it here: science.oregonstate.edu/ombiforumrsvp

  • What is this event about?

The purpose of the forum is to discuss how researchers can discover the processes and mechanisms through which microbiomes and their environments interact. It will include short presentations from leading experts in this area of research, followed by lengthy, moderated discussions among forum members. The goal of the presentations is provide some context about the state of the field and where it is headed. The goal of the discussions is to allow for additional points of perspective and synthesize new ideas, concepts, or strategies about how to most effectively solve specific research problems.

This will be a day-long, catered event.

  • Who can attend?

Anyone that either has or is interested in conducting microbiome research, or who is interested in integrating their expertise into microbiome science. Attendance is free, but registration will be required (registration is forthcoming). We appreciate that some attendees will come and go over the course of the forum, but we ask that attendees try to participate as much as possible out of respect for our invited speakers.

  • Where will this event be held?

This event will take place at the Alumni Center Ballroom at Oregon State University on May 12, 2017. It will be followed by a catered reception at The Arts Center in Corvallis, which will be hosting microbiome-inspired art.

  • Is there an event agenda? Who will be speaking at this event?

We are fortunate to have several excellent microbiome scientists joining us at this forum. Our planned schedule of activities follows, but could be subject to change:

8:30 AM - Coffee/Refreshments and Poster Set-up

9:00 AM - Introduction

9:05 AM - Module 1: How environmental stimuli influence microbial communities

  • Speakers: Trent Northen (Joint Genomes Institute), Dave Myrold (OSU), Ryan Mueller (OSU), Rosa Leon (University Delaware/Willamette University)
  • Moderators: David Dallas, Rebecca Vega-Thurber

10:30 AM - Coffee Break

11:00 AM - Module 2: How microbiomes influence their environments

  • Speakers: Karen Guillemin (University of Oregon), Steve Giovannoni (OSU), Natalia Shulzhenko (OSU), Maria Marco (UC Davis)
  • Moderators: Jeff Chang, Rick Colwell

12:30 PM - Lunch and Poster Session

1:45 PM - Module 3: How to analyze, integrate, and model microbiome data.

  • Speakers: Titus Brown (UC Davis), David Koslicki (OSU), Duo Jiang (OSU),  Jesse Zaneveld (University of Washington)
  • Moderators: Chris Gualke, Thomas Sharpton

3:15 PM - Coffee Break

3:45 PM - Module 4: Resources and opportunities to advance interdisciplinary microbiome research.

  • Speakers: Jack Gilbert (Argonne National Lab), Janet Jansson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratories), Carolee Bull (Penn State), Lita Proctor (NIH)
  • Moderators: Emily Ho, Brett yler,

5:15 PM - Closing Statements: Thomas Sharpton

6:00 PM - Heavy Hors d’oeuvres and Microbiome Art at the Art Center Corvallis